Please Read Before Registering

Registration Opens April 1st 2020, 7am MT time.

Race is capped at 800 participants.


All registered riders must take the survey to let us know how you would like to proceed with our 2020 DaCovid Five-O! Your options are explained in detail below. 

DaCovid Five-O Survey

Option 1:  We decided to give every registered rider the opportunity to do a “virtual” DaCOVID Five-O!  We want to keep the spirit of the Five-O alive, and give you something to keep you motivated and inspired to ride! This virtual ride will consist of you, riding 50 miles on a mountain bike course of your choice.  Then sending us a picture of your Strava or Garmin to, that shows us ‘proof’ that you completed your ride.  We would love for you to visit our town of Spearfish and ride the actual course if you can make it happen.  We will be putting our weed eaters and trail tools into overdrive over the next month, cleaning up tornado ravaged areas, and getting the trails ready for your riding enjoyment.  We will also be talking with the FS, and hope to have the course marked at intersections.  If they don’t allow this you can use Trailforks to navigate the course or the GPX on our website  You will have from September 5th to September 30th to complete your virtual ride.  If you decide to do the virtual DaCOVID Five-O:

  • We will credit you with a 50% refund of your registration fee. 

  • Everyone who finishes the ride will receive an event T-shirt with custom hand drawn artwork by Les Heisermann. 

  • You will get your commemorative race # plate (since we already had them printed) for your collection in your garage. 

  • Your name will also be included in our prize raffle that consists of a variety of great prizes from our awesome sponsors!! 

  • And, you will have a guaranteed spot in our 2021 event, via early registration on! 


Option 2:  We understand that not everyone will have time, is in shape, or even wants to do a virtual ride.  If you choose not to do the virtual DaCOVID Five-O:

  • You will be credited with a 65% refund of your registration fee. 

  • Your name will still be entered into our prize raffle where you will have a chance to win one of our awesome prizes. 

  • And you will still be guaranteed a spot in our 2021 event via early registration on!


Option 3:  We’ve had many of you already reach out to us, telling us you’d like to donate your registration fee in full.  We are truly humbled by these requests and thank you for your consideration and support of keeping our grassroots events alive and sustainable.  Both options 1 and 2 will have the opportunity for you to donate your registration fee, which will be used to pay for expenses already incurred for the race, for the continuing trailwork and rehab of the Dakota Five-O course and other local trails, and to keep our races moving forward into 2021!  Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club averages 400+ hours a year keeping our trails in top notch shape for your use, is currently advocating to get new trails built in the area, and is working towards gaining access to winter use of snowmobile trails for Fatbiking.  We have been doing this for the last 20 years, and hope to continue for another 20 if we make it that long!

Event Update as of 8-1-2020:

The original version of this letter was written almost 4 weeks ago and has been continually edited since. We intended to wax poetic about The Dakota Five-O happening in the face of Covid-19, not being born of rebellion or a lack of belief in the severity of the pandemic. We were going to present a detailed plan that would still show you a good time in a manner we felt safe. We believed that each of us being responsible for one another we could get together; race bikes, raise a glass and share a story. That living with Covid as part of the landscape is the norm for the foreseeable future and who better to show you how to navigate it than The Ridge Riders.

 The relative safety of The Black Hills would allow us to put on one of the country’s few bike races this year. We would do everything to keep you as safe as possible and we’d count on you to keep us safe. We talked to and met with city council members and city administration, business leaders, respected health care staff and riders from across the country. We were nearly ready. Trying to cover every aspect of the weekend; packet pickup, race start, aid stations, volunteers, spectators, awards and yes even the Bacon Station. But one thing kept happening, it seemed that even the most positive conversations ended with talk of what happens if we are wrong?  We knew that our race would be bringing 1000+ riders, families and friends, from 30 different states to our town.  What if our event made you or someone near to you sick or worse? What if you brought Covid to us?  It kept us up at night. As much as we plan, as hard as we try, what if?

We’ve also had to consider what the Dakota Five-0 would really look like for 2020.  I can tell you, it wouldn’t be the same race that we’ve all come to know and love over the last 20 years.  It wouldn’t be the race we all eagerly signed up for on April 1st, thinking that this Covid thing would be a thing of the past by then.  A dark cloud formed, over what we had planned to be our biggest and best event yet, The 20th annual Dakota Five-0!  What would the Five-O be without the pre-party, after party, awards and high fives.  We just wouldn’t be able to deliver the race that everyone had signed up for, and ultimately there were just too many what if’s.

That is why with great regret we are announcing that The Dakota Five-0 will not be happening in 2020, at least the way you know it. But we wouldn’t be Ridge Riders if we just left it there, expecting 2021 to be more fun.  We will be hosting the DaCOVID Five-0 Virtual race.  Who’s got the Fever?  We don’t want to give up on you, and we don’t want you to give up on yourself.  We still want to offer registered riders a ride, to challenge themselves and to keep themselves motivated to ride through the rest of the season.  We will be sending out an email to all registered riders, detailing how this race will be run.  If you are registered for the race and did not recieve an email please contatct Kristi Jewett at and let her know!

Regarding the course.  The Northern Hills have experienced two tornadoes, both dramatically effecting the trail.  As we write this, we are requested to stay out of around 6 miles of the trail while a salvage sale is completed by loggers.  In the meantime, we’ll be working hard over the next month to prep the trail for your riding enjoyment, and to then rehab the trail damaged by the tornadoes and get it ready for our 2020 DaCOVID Five-0 event, but it will likely be rough and an added adventure.  Additionally, it looks like locusts are forecast for Labor Day Weekend, so plan accordingly.

This was a hard decision; a lot of passionate opinions were shared. Covid-19 has caused social and political rifts amongst friends and neighbors in addition to the physical harm and death. Some will say we should have never even considered trying to put the race on, some will say we should have just carried on as normal. It’s easy to have an opinion, the hard part is putting your name to it. We certainly wish we never had to make this decision. But in the end, we thought it better to err on the side of caution, for the physical and economic health of our community and yours.

Event Cancellation Policy
As a mountain biker, we at Ridge Riders are confident you know what it means to take risks. Much like dropping in on a steep rocky descent or committing to ride a distance outside of your comfort zone, risk is inherent in our sport. The act of registering for the Dakota Five-O event, although not quite as dangerous as riding your bike, presents risks. In 20 years of putting on bike races, we have never had to cancel an event.  If however, an act of nature or other event beyond our control occurs, what can event participants expect?

  1. Ridge Riders decisions will be based on participant safety & environmental impact. Often times these decisions are in the hands of the land owners or agencies our events are permitted through.

  2. If the event is cancelled, participants will receive first right to sign up for the following years event via early registration.

  3. Ridge Riders cannot accept the risk of a cancelled event for reasons beyond our control. Participants are respectfully requested to accept the financial risk of their individual entry, and understand that you will NOT be refunded any portion of your entrance fee if the race is cancelled.  This is due to the fact that our fees have already been payed for all supplies and services associated with the event.  These include permits, 3rd party vendors, administrative expenses, rental fees, and other related expenses.  We care about our riders, and due to the unusual and unpredictable year for 2020: if the race is cancelled August 1st, riders will receive a refund of 50% of their registration fee, along with first right to sign up for the 2021 race via early registration.  In addition to this, all riders names will be entered in the prize raffle where we will have random drawings for prizes from our amazing sponsors!  Prizes include, a two person bike rack from 1UpUSA, a custom wheelset from Velocity Wheels, Numerous Twin Six Jerseys, Bags from Dirtbags Bikepacking, some awesome prizes from our sponsors at Quarq/Sram,  Tires from our sponsors at Terravail, several kids Strider Bikes from our sponsors at Strider Bikes, and other assorted prizes from our local bike shops, Two Wheeler Dealer, Rushmore Bikes, and Acme Bicycles  


Please keep in mind there are NO REFUNDS, for injuries or anything else that may prevent you from riding the race!!  We also do not allow you to forward your entrance to the next year's race for any reason.  And on a final note, we DO NOT allow you to let another rider race for you without going through the transfer process.  This poses a big liability issue for us and we ask that you respect our policies.  Thank you for your understanding, and if you have any issues with these policies please do not register for our race.

  • Registration transfers will be allowed until June 31st with a $25 transfer fee, and from July 1st to July 31st  with a $40 transfer fee, and from August 1st to August 15th 50% of registration Transfer fee.  Transfers will NOT be allowed after the August 15th deadline, and no further riders will be let into the race after this date as we need to send the roster to the chip timers and move on to other race business!!!  We have a waiting list on  If you decide to transfer your entrance, it will go to someone on our waitlist- You CAN NOT sell or give your entrance to another rider that you know. To transfer your entrance contact Kristi Jewett at


  • For those of you that want your race entrance fee refundable all the way up to race day, offers registration insurance when you register.  You will need to read through their policy to see if this is something you want, some restrictions do apply.  Keep in mind, if you do not purchase the insurance through you are subject to the rules and deadlines of the Dakota Five-0 transfer/refund process!

  • Registration will close upon reaching 800 participants.  After this number is reached, spots will only be available for sponsors, past volunteers, and other VIPs.   **Volunteers will be given a guaranteed spot in the next year's race.  If you volunteered the previous year,  you must contact Kristi Jewett before the August 15th deadline to recieve a spot in the race.  Volunteering consists of trail work, marking and tear down of race course, and day of race  help at aid stations and road crossings.  To volunteer for this year's race, please contact Kristi Jewett at


  • No race day registration!



$115.00 (+ processing fee)

A portion of your registration fee is used toward the

Ridge Riders of the Black Hills 'volunteer' agreement with

the USFS to maintain the Dakota Five-0 loop, Crow Peak

trail, and other trails throughout the Northern Hills. 

The Ridge Riders are required to purchase a special

insurance for trailwork (this is in addition to  the race

insurance), all of their own tools and the maintenance

of these tools, and all of the gas needed for travel and tools.

We volunteer an average of 400+ hours per year to the

building of new trails, and the improvement and

maintenance of the existing local trails.  THANK YOU

for your support in keeping the Pedal Power alive in

the Black Hills!

Registration fee includes:

  • Custom Five-O T-shirt, with hand drawn artwork by Les Heiserman.

  • Custom Five-0 water bottle courtesy of Black Hills Urgent Care

  • Lunch by Barbacoa's Burritoes

  • Local micro-brews courtesy of Crow Peak brewing

  • Live music from noon to 4pm w/ various local artists performing

  • Cash Prize, and Sram Prizes for top finishers

  • Name in raffle for sweet prizes from our sponsors, at awards ceremony!

  • 50 miles of pristine, marked single track for your enjoyment, with 3 fully stocked aid stations (Gluten Free options), plus the famous 'Bacon Station'!

  • Professionally chip timed event

  • One of the best days of your life on a bike!!


© 2020. Dakota Five-O. Ridge Rider Racing, LLC

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